1. Araki

The first restaurant on the list is the Araki two Michelin star sushi restaurant from a chef who was three Michelin star chef in Tokyo and moved to Mayfair, the opposite no choice. And the Araki is certainly far from the cheapest restaurant in London, may be the most expensive, but it nonetheless it offers top class sushi, and arguably the best sushi in Europe.

The Ritz

2. The Ritz

The next restaurant is the Ritz in Piccadilly, where john Williams head to class brigade in the kitchen of this large restaurant. The dining room is very beautiful, and the food's very classical. And in particular, the kitchen is known for the strong pastry section. So they have a dish full of gatos and on array, which is particularly beautiful. The restaurant finally got its first Michelin star this year, I've been sort of banging on about this for a long time that they deserve that star. And in 2016, they finally got the recognition.

Beast Restaurant

3. Beast Restaurant

And next on our list is beast, which is indeed a beast of a restaurant. It's no choice sort of menu. They specialize in protein. Basically, this is a kind of like a bit of Valhalla in terms of the dining room. So there's lots of benches, it's very rustic, lots of people drinking too much. They specialize in high quality steaks. And in particular, in this giant Norwegian craft, king crab, which is a huge creature.

Quality Chop House

4. Quality Chop House

The fourth restaurant on our list is the Quality Chop House restaurant, it's got a lot of history started off literally working men's canteen over a century ago. And in the last few years has been taken over and change its format slightly. So the basic benches still remain the stage pushing at least insist on foodist transforms as well. And their notice their modern British cooking. And in particular one dish, which is the soapy potatoes in place of chips. This is a very real favorite among lots of restaurant reviews.


5. Bonhams

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The last one in this section is Bonhams. Bonhams in the Auction House in Piccadilly, and its young Chef Tom Campbell, is noted for his use of very, very high grade produce. deservedly got a Michelin star in his first year. And as a bonus, followed by some margin, the best value in wine and it's in London.

The Clove Club

6. The Clove Club

And now we're going to go through the next five. Number six is the Clove Club in shortage where Isaac hailed is cooking the most fashionable hipster food, but also worried about ingredient coffee. So this is a chef who shows his own meat and a little covered in the corner. And so he actually, you know, delivers pleasure on the plate and not just being a fashionable place to eat.


7. Serafino

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The next restaurant to be featured in the top 10 is Serafino in central London, where the Spanish tapas idea was really taken to a whole new level. This was the first Michelin starred restaurant in London and features a wide range of small plate dishes. So you can have terrific Spanish ham, for example, and also dishes such as competitors and kettles brothers.

Sushi Tetsu

8. Sushi Tetsu

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The whole range of the next restaurant on the list is a particular favorite of mine - is Sushi Tetsu. a very small sushi restaurant with just a few seats, which is very similar to what you would see in a Tokyo suit. And the key here is the chef himself has really gone to great lengths to get high quality fish, much more so than most sushi restaurants in London. So if you want a little taste to Japan, then go to Sushi Tetsu.


9. Ledbury

So the last two, the very best two restaurants in London. First of these is the Ledbury in Ladbroke Grove. Here Brett Graham, creating modern but very classically rooted issues based on terrific ingredients noted for his passion for high quality produce. And the kind of food you might eat may include dishes like flame grilled mackerel with shiso and mustard, which is their practice signature dish. lepree is really a complete package services top fast, the wine list is good and unusually well priced for London. And the food is terrific.


10. Hedone

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So we're down to the last restaurant, our list. Here, at the Hedone the owner and chef Michael Johnson, Swedish gentleman, was originally a lawyer, but then switched careers become a chef. And he's noted for his obsession with absolute top quality ingredients. Whether it's the best fish, the best meat, or the best vegetables that are imported weekly from Paris is the best restaurant as a ticularly Mike, and previous sense of how much I like it. I'd be here 66 times so far. And I'm actually coming here tonight. And I'm going to really look forward to the tasting menu here.